About Allergies

Allergies are quite common in children, but sometimes the symptoms are often confused with flu symptoms. This can result in children not getting the correct kind of treatment.

There is a wide range of allergy symptoms that parents need to be aware of such as: itchy red skin rash - from nickel, known as contact dermatitis, runny nose and itchy eyes - from ragweed, known as allergic rhinitis, itchy red rash that comes and goes - from peanuts, known as hives, itchy nose, red eyes, with tearing and itching, dark circles under the child's eyes (allergic shiners), a crease near the bottom of the child's nose (allergic crease) and rubbing the nose a lot (allergic salute).

Allergy Alerts

Food Allergies

Although you can be allergic to almost any food, 90% of children with a food allergy are going to be allergic to one of these foods: cow's milk, eggs, peanuts, Soybeans, wheat, nuts, and shellfish.

Seasonal Allergies

Classic causes of seasonal allergies include: weeds, trees, grassesand outdoor moulds. If the allergy symptoms start or get worse each year during a specific season, it might be a seasonal allergy. You may also notice that your child's seasonal allergy symptoms are better on days that it rains and are worse when it is dry and windy, since pollen can move around better on those days.

Indoor Allergies

While most things that cause seasonal allergies are outside, recurrent allergies are usually from things that are inside the house, such as: dust mites,indoor moulds, animal dander (cat and dog allergies) and cockroaches.

Other common allergies

Medications, especially antibiotics like penicillin and sulpha drugs, latex, poison ivy, ingredients in topical medications, additives in foods or medications, such as the food dye and sulphites, insect bites and stings.


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