Calm Colic

Babies cry and that is normal, it is the only way that they can express themselves. It is sometimes hard for new parents to decode a baby’s cry and make sure that everything is ok. Babies cry for different reasons that include hunger, full nappies and uncomfortable positions. If baby starts crying after feeding then this might require more attention.

When baby cries for more than three hours regardless of all the efforts to console her continuously for about a week, they baby might be colic. During this period of crying, the baby will be irritable and will appear to have severe abdominal pain and he will not respond to the usual methods of comfort.If baby often fusses and cries right after being fed, he may be feeling some sort of tummy pain, probiotics are a great natural way that may help with comforting and soothing a colic baby.


Colic symptoms

Recent research suggests colic may be linked to an immature immune system struggling with bacterial imbalances in the gastrointestinal tract, and that high levels of E. coli bacteria in particular may contribute to colic symptoms.


Probiotics help boost immunity while also restoring the balance in baby’s gut. This is due to its abilities to regulate and restore the micro flora in baby’s tummy. So give your baby two sprays a day for the good night’s rest that you both need.


Bifidobacterium are the probiotic LAB (lactic-acid bacteria) superstars. These good bacteria are lactic-acid producing bacteria (LAB), they produce vitamins, bacteriocins (antibacterial chemicals) and antibiotic-like substances. This has significant health benefits on the digestive and immune system in your baby.


One of the potential causes of colic may be not having enough good bacteria in the digestive system. Probiotics help a baby’s digestive system develop properly, which could prevent tummy issues like gas and indigestion. Prevent those, and you can possibly prevent colic.


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