Our range for Kids - 3 to 12 years

Creche Guard Immune S.H.I.E.L.D. Chews

specifically developed with Epicor to STRENGTHEN your child’s immune system.

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helps your child to ease the symptoms associated with a cold.

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Creche Guard IMMUNE

is a multivitamin and antioxidant that helps support your child's immune system and energy levels.

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is specifically formulated to support your child’s immune system by balancing the intestinal microflora.

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Creche Guard GUMMIES

supports your child's immune system, increases energy levels and contributes to the bodies’ antioxidant defences.

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Creche Guard BRAIN FUEL

are Omega 3 chews that help support nerve function, brain and eye function and have NO fishy after taste.

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Since my 3 year old started using Crèche Guard he is now eating and has a huge appetite and has gained weight. I am no longer rushing him to the doctor again and again. Amazingly his eczema has subsided dramatically and his skin now feels smoother than before, thanks for boosting his immune system. Thank you for making life easier Crèche Guard, it’s a life saver.

Tracey Rudd

My baby started Gr R this year. It’s her first time in an environment around other kids she was getting sick almost every week. I was not happy with her being on antibiotics so often and decided to give Creche Guard a try. WOW, there’s been such a difference in 2 months. Thanx Creche Guard.

Busi Shabalala