We know you’ve problably got some questions about the Creche Guard Range. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, please contact us with any other queries.

My GP suggested I try Creche Guard. I’ve thanked him for recommending it, but I wanted to thank you so much for an absolutely astounding product!!!!!!! My eldest son is at nursery school and he is bouncing back so much faster than he used to from the vile germs he meets. Its working brilliantly for my youngest son too. Last week they were both starting with a throat infection. Being on Creche Guard neither of them actually got sick and within 2 days they both sounded a lot better too.


I just want thank you once again for introducing me and my daughter to “Créche Guard”. It has made a big difference in my life. Since Lia, my 20 months old daughter, started creche at the age of 3 months, we have had our hands full with a constantly sick child. She was in hospital a couple of times, completely off diary product, it even so far that we were told she suffered from a form of asthma and she had to go on pumps. We had a hard time coping with a sick child who didn’t sleep, was grumpy and still trying juggle careers and doctors bills. Two weeks after she started taking Créche Guard I could see a difference in her health. A month later she was back on diary products without a problem and today she is an active and healthy 20 months old. We were worried that she would start getting sick again going back to school after such a long holiday but she is the only healthy one in the creche at the moment!!! At the first sign of a cold I give her a slightly bigger dose for a week and it passes without the slightest ripple in our daily lives. Thank you, in the last 3 months I could finally enjoy my daughter without having to constantly worry about what she is allowed to and not to do, and having to feel her medicine every 2 hours.


I have been using all the Crèche Guard products for kids since Crèche Guard was initially introduced in the market, the products are tops, since I have been using these products, both my children had minor illnesses, unlike in the past, the immune booster I use though out the different seasons, irrespective whether my children are sick or not, and I absolutely believe in your products! My kids have healthy spunky minds thanx to Crèche Guard brain fuel chewies, what a fantastic product! My kids love the chewies! 2 chewies a day when they enjoy their breakfast before going off to school.d


They protect both my children always and they eliminate trips to the Dr’s so I can save money because I’m a single mother.


My boy has just started Crèche and got very ill, he had croup, was constantly ill and just didn’t have any energy, we were in and out of the doctor’s room and I became quite despondent, until someone recommended Crèche Guard. Ever since giving it to him I have seen a difference, he is full of life and doesn’t cough much. In a nutshell it gives me peace of mind knowing that his immune system is being taken care of while his in the company of other kids/people. As much as I want to I can’t be with him everyday, but thanks for taking care of his health while we apart Crèche Guard.


Crèche Guard helps to keep my children healthy and happy, especially through the winter. They enjoy the taste and they love the pictures on the packaging.


It is a all in one! The flavour is not bad, its got no artificial colorants, it helps for sore throats, fever, pain all in one and both my kids can use it! THANK YOU FOR A STUNNING ALL IN ONE!!


I love Creche guard products as my children are of the very few kids at school that do not permanently walk around with a runny nose. The school has actually asked me what I do to prevent them from getting sick all the time, and I believe it is thanks to Crèche Guard!!


Since my 3 year old started using Crèche Guard he is now eating and has a huge appetite and gained weight. I am no longer rushing him to the doctor now and again. And amazingly his eczema has subsided dramatically and his skin now feels smoother than before, thanks for boosting his immune cause we tried lots of creams and his doctor suggested it and we love it. Thank you for making life easier Crèche Guard it’s a life saver now am recommending it to my friends.

Kelebogile Betty

My son has been using Crèche Guard Vitamin (syrup) for nearly 4 yrs now. In the beginning he was on Scotts Emulsion. I always struggled with his appetite, so one day I went to the pharmacy and one of the assistants mentioned Crèche Guard. That day i bought it and that same week my son’s teacher at crèche informed me that I should stick to Crèche Guard as she noticed an increase in his appetite. In the mornings he never used to finish his porridge but since he was on Crèche Guard he finished his first bowl and then even asked for another. He is also full of energy, rosy cheeks and “GOD WILLING” seldom gets sick. So it’s safe to say that i am very happy with Crèche Guard.


I love Crèche Guard Immune Multivitamin because ever since our pediatrician recommended it for our asthmatic son, he hasn’t spent a single day in hospital! It was like a miracle because ever since he was born, we have had no less that five admissions, I wondered why she didn’t recommend it earlier!


Creche Guard really is great! My son’s health is good since having the syrup daily for the past 2 years. Creche Guard was recommended to us by our GP who is always accurate about everything! Fantastic product! Thank you


Good morning. I recently bought the Creche Guard Immune Multivitamin Syrup and I must say that my 3year old boy is full of energy and it is also helping him to stay healthy. I also gave the cough syrup a try and it does wonders for his asthma and bad cough that he had. Keep up the Good Products!!!


My boys are active, have strong bones, they wake up fresh in the mornings and are so full of energy!! Great way to start the day!! When they’re happy, mommy is happy! Thanx to Creche Guard for a good Multivitamin that works magic.


Love your immune multivitamin and my four month old loves it too. As soon as he sees the bottle his little legs start kicking with excitement - tastes so yummy mummy. My husband and I got the flu, baby barely felt a thing.


For my 3yr old son born at 25wks I've always tried to keep him indoors and protected always as was told of his low immune system. I dreaded taking him to creche because I was scared of what I've heard about kids getting sick. Its bin 5months now in creche and like any kid he sleeps well and eats more Variety and doesn't get sick badly as before. Just one teaspoon of Creche Guard a day and I'm a content mother.


Ever since my child takes it she doesn't come home with rash or running nose. I just love it and so does she.


3 of my grand children are on Creche Guard. my 6 year old is on Creche Guard Brain Fuel omega 3 chews. she is doing very well at school.


Excellent product, Cayden is now 2 and a half, we've been using Creche Guard since I can remember and never even thought of using another product. I also bought the cough, colds & allergies syrup for my grandson to try out!


Hi Creche Guard, my child has been using Brain Fuel for 4 months and I see the difference in his concentration. I was skeptical when buying it, was the best choice I made... Thanks Creche Guard you gave me peace of mind.


Every time I go to stock up on my Creche Guard, I end up promoting the product to other moms in the aisles, I wouldn't do that if I know it didn’t work, thanks CG, my 3 year old didn’t need to see the doctor with his cold, I was his doctor!


I run a daycare, and have been using Creche guard immune and Creche guard cough and cold for the last 3years- the best thing I could ever have done for my baby- I insist my parents use Creche guard especialy in winter time and had only positive feedback- thanks guys for this great product.


I just love Creche Guard, I've been using it since my daughter turned 2 and she is 4 years old now. She goes to Creche and has never had any stomach bug, infection or what so ever. It's totally the best and I recommend it for any Mom who wants to see a more healthier and brilliant child. Thank you Creche Guard!


Creche Gaurd helped me a lot, it was a problem for me when I feed my 3years old son. I had to run after him refusing to eat but since I've started using Creche Guard my son is enjoying his food. And is not a stress for me to feed him anymore.


My boy is 3 now he has eczema, his skin was really terrible. Ever since I bought the syrup, he is so much better. He is getting all the vitamins he needs from this amazing multivitamin. He hate food more than anything, I even took him out of Creche to a daycare because of his problem. My friend said I must try Creche guard, which has helped us a lot because even his teacher is saying that he is improving. Thank you creche guard!


My baby started Gr R this year. It’s her first time in an environment around kids & used to be sick almost every week. Was not happy with her being on antibiotics so often & decided to give Creche Guard a try. WOW, there’s been such a difference in 2 months. Thanx Creche Guard.


My 18 month old daughter had bronchitis last year May and I then decided to start using CG. She has not been sick ever since and this winter she has only had a runny nose for about 2 days! Thank you CG for a wonderful affordable product!


My daughter is now 4years old, last year I took her to a day center and she started to have constant flu and cold symptoms irrespective of treatment from the GP. I decided to use CG and it helped a lot I was just about to remove my girl from the center. Thanks to CG. We are still using it and not as sick as she used to be.


My 11 month little boy was born on 27 weeks, since month 3 we started with CG and wow have we been blessed with a happy healthy little boy, I wont ever use any other product. Thank you for making the baby drop bottles bigger.


I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter who attends daycare.Being a cholic baby and lactose intolerant it was very difficult as she was very sensitive to many things.My babies immune system was relatively low and had to visit her doctor often due to flu and viral infections.My pharmacist recommended Creche Guard immune multi vitamin.She has been taking it regularly (mon-Fri) for a year and has not visited her Doctor since.A heartfelt thank you to Creche Guard and my pharmacist who recommended this product.As a working mum it is very stressful when your child gets sick often as it disrupts work and school but thanks to you my little girl has now built a healthy immune system to keep all the little monsters away I would certainly recommend this product to any parent for a healthy happy child.


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