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Since my kids started using Creche Guard we have been able to concentrate on life's daily activities, because as a Mom I know Creche Guard is supporting my kids' health, so that's one less thing I have to worry about.

We at Creche Guard are passionate about health. Our range is specifically formulated for growing children and babies

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Creche Guard formulated our range of products specially for the nutritional needs of growing children. We understand that children may sometimes be fussy eaters and they don’t always get the nutrient that they need. So we pay special attention to what children need to stay healthy.


Taste is always a big one for children, if they don’t like the taste it will always be more difficult for children to take their nutritional supplements. Moms won’t buy a supplement that their children end up wasting because they don’t like the taste. We try our best to make sure that our products taste ‘yummy’, so moms don’t have to worry about their kids not liking our products. And all the fruit flavour we use are natural.


We want to make it easy for children to take their supplements, so our range of products are in syrups, soft fruit chews and sprays. This way we can save mom time and we can reduce any worry about children not chewing properly and choking.


We stay up to date with health trends and constantly look for new, innovative ways to make it fun for children to stay healthy. We try our best to keep our formulations and packaging effective and exciting.

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