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We all want to raise happy and healthy kids, but its not always easy. Creche Guard is here to help. We developed a range of nutritional supplements specificallly for children from 3 to 12 years old to support their immune systems and help them grow into healthy happy little people.

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It’s a germy world. But we at Creche Guard want to help you keep your baby healthy, and we know how to tackle germs -- we formulated a range of probiotics specifically for your baby so they can enjoy their feeds, ease rashes and build their immune systems so they can grow into healthy, happy kids.

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We stay up to date with health trends and constantly look for new, innovative ways to make it fun for children to stay healthy. Keep an eye out for our constanly expanding and improving products.

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Creche Guard BABY COMPLETE PROBIOTIC DROPS restores the microflora in both the small and large intestine thereby supporting your baby's immune system.

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Creche Guard BABY DIGEST EEZE DROPS enables your baby to enjoy their milk feeds without tummy cramps by digesting the lactose in your baby’s milk feed and thereby alleviating your baby’s tummy cramps, bloating or gas.

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Creche Guard SNAK BA

Creche Guard SNAK BA is a yummy snack in a vanilla yoghurt bar. Our yummy vanilla yoghurt bars are high in protein and OMEGA 3. Everyone in the family can grab a handful and be prepared for whatever the day might throw at them.

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Creche Guard GUMMIES

Creche Guard GUMMIES are multi vitamin and multi mineral fruity gummies. They help fight infections, promote healing, build strong teeth and healthy bones and help prevent bruising. Furthermore, Créche Guard GUMMIES provides vitamins essential for growing bodies and developing minds.

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Health Articles

Your child's health

At Creche Guard we understand how much information is out there so we have reviewed public health networks to bring you relevant articles that will help you to make positive changes in your child's health.

Your baby's health

It's normal to panic when your little one isn't feeling well. Is it teething? A cold? When should I call the pediatrician? We put together informative health articles to help you understand your baby's health needs.