For kids there is no time to be sick. There are games to play, friends to see and fun to be had. But kids have a sharing, caring nature and tend to share their germs with everyone around them. We have solutions to keep your little ones healthy and happy.

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Mom, you really care about giving your kids healthy balanced meals. We put together some tips just for you. Add our yummy vanilla SNAK-BA, high in protein and Omega 3 and your kids are ready for the day ahead.

What is Creche Guard?

Creche Guard offers a wide range of nutritional foods and supplements for children and babies from birth to 12 years. We at Creche Guard help to support a healthy lifestyle for your family.

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A good start for your child

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Mom, you are one busy lady! But you really care about giving your kids healthy balanced meals. Unfortunately you don’t always have time and settle for quick and easy options. We have tips to make healthy lunchboxes just for you.

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Probiotic Drops

For your baby, as for you, his gut is his first line of defense in terms of immunity. Without a well-functioning gut, he can't get the proper nourishment to grow, or defend himself against germs. So getting his gut up and running efficiently is crucial.

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get fun

Creche Guard Gummies, multi vitamin and multi mineral fruity gummies. Support your child's IMMUNE system, increases energy levels and contributes to the bodies’ antioxidant defences. All in a ONE A DAY yummy gummy.

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